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What I’m Reading Right Now: Magazines

I’m a huge fan of online reading, but there’s something wonderful about sitting down with a magazine and a glass of wine, feeling the pages, smelling the ink and dog-earing my favorite things. Over the past two months, a few new magazines have graced my coffee table and I’m very excited to share them with you:

Anthology Magazine: I regret not subscribing to this print magazine the second it came out a year ago. I finally tuned into it because a few of my favorite bloggers are contributors and I had a feeling they were up to something pretty rad. And boy was I right! The magazine’s petite layout is *gorgeous* and the photos and articles are as inspiring as it gets. The focus is mostly on interior design, decorating and travel and they get a ton of creative superstars to contribute (loved this month’s article with Lotta Jansdotter, a textile and design rockstar based in Brooklyn).

Kinfolk Magazine: Another newbie to the world of print and blogs, Kinfolk is a publication based on the art of “small gatherings” and features stories and photos of people hanging out, cooking for each other, and just living the good, simple life. It has really motivated me to have my friends over for more cozy dinners and to initiate meaningful time together. They also have a lovely blog where they post inspiring videos and photos on a regular basis.

Edible San Francisco: Edible is published locally in over 60 cities and focuses on seasonal meals, local events and the folks that create food we eat. I love that it keeps me up-to-date on the foodie scene in San Francisco and also provides inspiration for upcoming meals and small gatherings. Expect gorgeous photos, drawings and lots of tasty recipes. This magazine makes me proud to live in this city and excited to discover the ever-changing world of food here.

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