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Wednesday Combo!

Wednesday is my least favorite day of the week. It’s a big nothing of a day. Stuck in the middle, neither here nor there – just straight-up dullsville.

But not anymore! From this today onward, Wednesdays will be fun again! Each Wednesday, I will give you, my loyal 3 readers, a combination of things that delight me and will surely delight you too.

It might be food. It might be music. It will probably be a combination of those things, with some clothes and sparkly things thrown in. It will be a surprise to look forward to! And it will, in a roundabout way, pay homage to my favorite processed foodstuff, The Combo (nacho cheese pretzel, please).

This week’s Wednesday Combo is a summary of how I’ll be spending the Thanksgiving weekend:

(click above for a reenactment of how I cook Thanksgiving dinner)


(this heavenly cocktail is a dream for us pickle-lovers)


(every year I swear I’ll never go again, and every year…I go again.)

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